Seize the Day!
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My mother used to say “Bad things come in 3’s.” When something bad would happen, we’d prepare for two more things to come and then we would relax.

Not so this month! In the last two weeks, my community of friends and family has experienced a lot of loss – seven deaths, plus our dear Pastor leaving for another church.

In the midst of all this loss, I’ve discovered a great deal of love and caring: people reaching out to others with kindness and appreciation; words of remembrance and encouragement on social media; lots of hugs, tears and laughter. With so much love in the middle of grief and sadness, two words came to mind:

Carpe Diem

The phrase Carpe Diem, or Seize the Day, comes from the Roman poet Horace, and means to make the most of the present time as opposed to placing all hope in the future.

Now, anyone who knows me, knows that I am a planner. In my work and in my personal life, I take pride in my ability to create and execute plans. Having a plan helps me feel ready, less anxious, prepared. On the other hand, being a planner sometimes prevents me from really being fully attentive and present with others.

To truly seize the day means to be mindful, fully present, and earnest – genuinely tuned in to others. It means appreciating the small moments we have with others, not rushing around being “busy” and preoccupied with our to-do lists. It means using all five senses to experience nature – taking in sights and smells and sounds. It means pausing to reflect and be grateful for what we have. It means giving a hug to someone who might not experience human contact otherwise. It means letting others how they’ve made a difference for you today, regardless how large or small the effort was. It means reaching out to someone you haven’t connected with in awhile.

My challenge to you is to Seize the Day – today and everyday. Enjoy this day and all the people you come across. You might not get the chance tomorrow.

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  1. Your inspiration, love,caring,great ability to execute & create are such a big part of the wonderful women your family and friends love about you. This Blog is surely a reflection of just that Love, love the last lines of it. It’s all the encouragement and truth we all should live by each day Beautiful blog thanks for enlightening my day with it

  2. This is a great post. I love how you balanced the sadness of your losses with the joy of those around you who support you. You are truly an inspiration, thank you!

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