The gift of reflection

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The week between Christmas and New Year’s Day is one of my favorite times of the year. The pace of work slows, and I spend the week “closing up shop”– getting my financial house in order and reflecting on the past twelve months. My reflection time is spent pondering three questions: What 3-5 things are you most proud of this year? Why? What skills or attitudes helped make those proud moments or accomplishments happen? What were your 2-3 greatest disappointments this year? Why? What did you learn about yourself over the last 12 months? Writing out the answers allows patterns to emerge. For...

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Protecting what’s important

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It’s easy to get jaded by the news each day. Like many, I have become desensitized by a continual depiction of violence—real or fictional—in the media. But the news of the December 14 shootings in Connecticut shook me to my core. This one felt personal to me as a parent, as a former kindergarten teacher, and as a board member for three organizations serving the needs of children. Newtown, Connecticut is very much like the community where I live—a place chosen because it seems safe and people look out for each other. Unfortunately, now we’ll also think of Newtown as a place that was unable to...

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