That’s the title of Deb Hornell’s book, published in January 2013.

“I don’t want people to read this book and then put it on a shelf,” Deb says. “I view Good Things for a Full Life as a platform where people can learn and think and form relationships. Whether in discussion groups, seminars, or online, my dream is for people to connect around the ideas and questions in this book—to form a community where we can help one another create the full, satisfying lives we all crave.”

Each of the book’s 40 chapters leads with a one-liner Deb commonly uses when coaching others—and even when encouraging herself—to overcome obstacles and live a full, satisfying life:

  • Be in the moment while keeping the end goal in mind
  • Everyone puts their pants on the same way: one leg at a time
  • Be more childlike and less childish at work
  • Be a bad ass, not a hard ass
  • Know what to ask for, and ask for more
  • Always have a backup plan
  • Be a life-long learner
  • Despite your best intentions, stuff happens
The book includes dozens of short stories that impart Deb’s own experience, as well as lessons she has learned from role models who have influenced her positive, intentional way of living:
  • The working parent who learned to allocate time and energy not just in career, but in relationships and personal growth as well
  • The blind athlete who exercises without limits
  • The entrepreneur whose documented goals have changed her life
  • The retail manager who stood up for her staff by standing up to a customer
  • The brother-in-law who taught her to negotiate. Deb’s mother-in-law, who asked the best questions
  • Her own father, whose early death taught her the importance of self-care
  • … and more
Each brief chapter ends with several “Good Questions,” inviting the reader to reflect and build on the book’s content as a springboard for personal action:
  • What is one thing you’ve been thinking of doing differently?
  • What is one action you can take to make that happen?
  • Who can hold you accountable for taking that action?
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This is a book to return to often—a conversation starter with one’s self, a catalyst for reflection and problem solving. I gave “Good Things For a Full Life” a 5-star rating not only because it is well organized, filled with interesting stories and reflections, and thought provoking ideas, but also because it isn’t a one-time read—it will serve as a continuing reference to all who own it.
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“Good Things for a Full Life” … hands you a series of “good questions,” so you can consider how to use [the author’s insights] to frame things in your own life. Some of the questions beg for long essay answers. Others stop me short and practically speechless, begging me to think some more and then return to the page when ready.
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I must say I was not really prepared to read this book. It forced me to think of my life in an entirely different way. As a result I have decided to move on to the things that are really important. Thanks for waking me up, Deb.
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Deb Hornell has brought together a mix of her own life observations and those of several others to create this book that will undoubtedly inspire action for readers. The book is smartly organized by larger categories (Good Things for Your Spirit/Personal Life/Professional/Physical Life) with an assembly of chapters in each to provide various stories and room to reflect. … Any reader seeking to live fully will enjoy this book and share this book with others. 


  1. Is your book really $789.12 used OR $3897.00? Those are the only two choices on Amazon to purchase your paperback. A tad over my budget for one book. July 8

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