Partnering with clients to deliver practical, sustainable solutions to complex business challenges. That’s what Hornell Partners is all about.

Bringing creativity, strategic perspective, energy, and thought leadership, we challenge clients to think big while generating solutions that serve the business while engaging people in the process.

What we do

Hornell Partners offers consulting services and workshops in the following areas of expertise:

Organization Development

Consultation and activities to address culture, strategic planning, change management, team building, leadership, management development, and performance management.

Meeting Facilitation

Small or large group sessions designed to develop strategy, address business opportunities, and increase employee engagement and productivity.


Pertinent topics with flexible delivery, guaranteed to provide sustainable results. Learn more.

How we do it

Our three-step, collaborative approach enables Hornell Partners to personalize our offerings to address each client’s situation.

What’s going on?

We ask “good questions” to assess the situation and diagnose gaps to optimal performance.

What needs to happen?

Working with the client, we identify desired outcomes for the business and for the people involved.

What’s the plan for success?

Using our proven facilitation methods and workshops, we create a holistic approach—preparing participants for the experience, facilitating the experience, and creating a plan for follow-up.

Why we do it

Because it works! As one client says:

“Deb Hornell listens to the needs of the organization and accurately diagnoses and delivers against what is really needed.”


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