Deb Hornell developed a personal leadership philosophy to guide her own actions and the counsel she provides to clients. This philosophy comes from Deb’s own experience as well as the influence of others—such as teachers, former bosses and even her mother-in-law—all of whom have inspired Deb’s definition of leadership.

The philosophy is easily remembered with the acronym “PACE.”


Have clarity of purpose: what’s going on, what needs to happen, and what your role and priorities should be.


Know who you are and what you bring to the table, and be true to yourself and others.


Connect with people on an emotional level, and practice honest, direct, timely communication. Deliver tough messages with courage and compassion, with a focus on adding value—for the individual and for the organization.


Show up each day with a focus on excellence, raising the bar high for yourself and others, to deliver the best of your abilities. Set people up for success—providing direction, resources, and feedback that enable them to own and feel pride in their results.

With Deb’s guidance, many of her clients have crafted their own personal leadership philosophies so they, too, can articulate and demonstrate what they stand for as leaders every day.

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