Ninety-Minute Workshops

Leadership is about Behavior, Not a Title

This session answers the question, “Why should anyone follow you?” True leaders inspire others in whatever role they play. Learn more.

Leading Multiple Generations in the Workplace

Because most organizations have three to four generations of employees working side-by-side, it is essential to understand what makes each generation “tick” … Learn more.

Cultivating Employee Engagement

Research has proven that positive work cultures create a dramatic increase in revenue and stock appreciation, and that managers are the critical link in creating positive work cultures. We’ll explore best practices for engaging and enabling employees. Learn more.

Managing Time & Priorities in a 24/7 Workplace

The 24/7, global workplace presents new challenges for staying focused and reaching business objectives. You’ll learn strategies for maintaining focus and leveraging technology while tuning out the “noise” … Learn more.

24/7 Leadership Presence

Every interaction at work is an opportunity to demonstrate your leadership brand and consistently “show up” as a strong, memorable leader. Learn more.

The Human Side of Change

Change is a constant in the 24/7 workplace. Changes are often externally driven—initiated by others, but transition is internal—a personal adjustment to the external changes. Although  individuals can tap into company information and tools during change, transition requires personal accountability … Learn more.

Conflict is NOT a Dirty Word: Leveraging Differences in the Workplace

Conflict is an inevitable part of the workplace. Confrontations can be constructive or destructive. We’ll explore these dynamics and introduce methods to resolve destructive conflict and foster constructive controversy. Learn more.

Networking is about Building Connections, Not Collecting Business Cards

True networking is about building lasting, reciprocal relationships that benefit both parties—not a shallow practice of “meet-and-greet and swap business cards” … Learn more.

Positive People: Achieving High Performance & Satisfaction*

This workshop is targeted to those who strive for a “full life,” not balance, and who want to be more intentional about how they show up and add value, especially at work. Learn more.

Positive Workplaces: Fostering Stronger Engagement & Results*

Research suggests high levels of disengagement in the workplace. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Organizations can create environments where employees are engaged and deliver stronger results. Learn more.

Creating Client Partnerships

The ability to quickly build effective working relationships is critical in today’s fast-paced business climate. In this workshop, we’ll discuss the “sweet spot” in building client partnerships … Learn more.

Create a Yearly IDP, and Work that Plan!

People who have a plan and work their plan are more focused, more intentional, and much more likely to achieve their goals. Learn to focus your efforts toward results that matter in all areas of your life. Learn more.

Living Your Brand & Your Full Life

What value do you bring to the workplace? What differentiates you from others? Being able to articulate these answers can accelerate your contributions and increase your satisfaction. Learn more.

Thriving in Ambiguity

Lacking authority, structure, clear roles, goals, and outcomes, people look for leadership. We’ll explore the critical skills necessary to thrive in ambiguity, including focus, resilience, courage, and consensus building. Learn more.

* The Positive People and Positive Workplaces workshops can stand alone or be offered as a package.

Three-Hour Workshops

Jump Start! Take Charge of Your Career & Full Life

Research suggests high levels of disengagement in the workplace, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Positive companies and positive people can and do create stronger engagement and results. Jump Start! is targeted to those who … Learn more.

Understanding & Embracing Change

In today’s transitional workplace, managers and employees are regularly tasked with absorbing and adapting to change. We’ll explore the ways in which change unfolds in a predictable manner, anticipate how people respond during periods of transition, and tap into the “resiliency” needed … Learn more.

Getting the Most from Your Team

The ability to lead and participate on teams is a critical skill for success in business. In this workshop, you’ll learn how to create successful teams, foster trust among team members, and overcome barriers to team effectiveness. Learn more.

What's Your Type? MBTI, That Is ...

In a high-tech, disconnected world, it’s imperative to quickly establish effective working relationships and make real connections. The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is a powerful tool to help individuals understand innate personality preferences that drive our daily interactions. Learn more.

Managing Performance

As you move up within an organization, you can no longer rely on “doing it all yourself.” Project leaders and supervisors who get sustainable results know how to make performance management an integral part of the workday, not just a once-a-year exercise. Learn more.

Influence 101

While it’s true that the only person you can manage is yourself, it’s critical to consider two things when influencing others … Learn more.

What's Style Got to Do with Anything?

Have you ever wondered why people act the way they do? Why are some people easy to communicate with, while others are more difficult? Using the DiSC style assessmentyou’ll learn about four different styles of communication, enabling you to communicate more effectively … Learn more.

Good Things for a Full Life Series

Be the CLO of Your Full Life

Drawing from the book, Good Things for A Full Life, this three-part series guides individuals through exercises and reflection to create foundation, focus, and fortitude for their lives. You’ll determine what’s important to you and create a plan to live with intention and integrity. This series requires a personal commitment to growth, openness to feedback and new ideas, and completion of all pre-work and action assignments. Learn more.

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