Results vs. Face-time
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What do these things have in common: retail store, laptop, office, smartphone, factory, construction site, restaurant, bank, school? If you guessed they’re all workplaces, you’re correct!

The workplace of today is vastly different than the traditional workplace, where company employees gathered in a common physical place to accomplish tasks. Technology, globalization and company restructurings have created opportunities for telecommuting, flexible schedules and teamwork across multiple time zones. Traditional employment agreements have changed as well – from all full-time or part-time employees to a mix of full-time, part-time, consultants, contractors, seasonal, and temporary agreements. In the past, when employees worked regular shifts in one location, the boss could “see” when and how the work got done- impossible in a 24/7, global economy.

Understandably, the changing, competitive workplace requires innovation, although the word “innovation” is not easily understood, as evidenced by an internet search which brought up 398,000 results. Most definitions allude to the introduction of new ideas, devices or methods, all of which are desperately needed in today’s fast-paced economy.

Nothing kills innovation faster than bureaucracy and micro-management. Even though the workplace has changed, some attitudes and practices still reflect the traditional workplace – tracking hours worked (rather than results), unproductive meetings, exhaustive work processes and approvals, all of which stifle the introduction of new ideas.

                               Here’s a radical idea–let’s stop focusing on time and focus instead on results!

Focusing on results requires managers to set clear direction, provide resources and hold employees accountable through agreed-on milestones and coaching. It also means getting out of the way and trusting that qualified people will do their jobs. I will guarantee that when wise managers prepare employees to be successful and accountable, quality work will often be completed ahead of schedule!

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