Making Connections in a Disconnected World
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“Technology lets us connect and interact with ease, increasing our points of contact and giving us access to a wide world of information. This is a good thing. But one downside of our highly technical world is that we may miss out on fully experiencing the world around us. Engrossed in gadgets and information, we become reactive, responding only to what is in front of us… What is lost is full, three-dimensional conversation…the time to really hear a message and comprehend the emotion behind it; the patience to reflect on how to respond so the other person understands you; the thoughtfulness to ask, “How would I like to receive this message?”

Those words from my book, Good Things for a Full Life, were printed in January of 2013. Five years later, they are even more relevant. While technology has created many ways to reach out to others across the world, it has also created a world where one can feel isolated, disconnected and lacking real human interaction.

In a recent interview with my friend and colleague, Jeanie Coomber, for her “One Woman Today”, podcast, we discussed the need for and the challenges of making real connections in an increasingly disconnected world. Some highlights from our conversation, which can be found at

  • People are craving human experience–the ability to connect personally with others, to feel an interaction was worth your time; to feel noticed and valued.
  • How you think & feel about yourself in relation to others affects your relationships. Judgment builds a wall; openness requires courage.
  • It’s imperative to pay attention to your words & thoughts, and how you “land” on others.
  • Being “Earnest”- present and sincere with others is critical to making real connections with others.

Let me know what resonates with you from this podcast, and any tips you have for making connections in our disconnected world.

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