Celebrating a Year of Good Things
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Like any good gardener, I start with the basics to cultivate an environment for growth—finding a good spot to plant seeds and nurturing young plants to bloom and spread their beauty.

So it has been with my book, Good Things for a Full Lifewhich launched one year ago this Sunday on January 26, 2013.

During the first year, I planted seeds by focusing on chapter one, Strive for a Full Life, Not Balance. Spreading the seeds of a “full life” concept meant reaching out to others and sharing the lessons that helped me create a full and satisfying life, with the hope that others would be inspired to be more intentional in creating lives full of the good things they need. My seed sowing took many forms:

Hornell Partners 2013 by the Numbers


Now it’s time to dig deeper

This year, we’ll focus on building a powerful Good Things community. To do so, we’ll draw from chapters two and three in my book: Believe in Something Bigger than Yourself and Envision Your Legacy. Our challenge is to think big and bold—to identify what we want our lives to be about, to move forward with intention, and to make choices that align with our legacies.

In my own 2014 Individual Development Plan (IDP)—titled “Moving on to Good Things Chapters 2 & 3, Literally!”—I’ve identified goals and actions to grow the Good Things community:

  • Expanded workshop offerings and speaking engagements
  • Enhanced social media presence
  • Greater opportunities to connect readers to myself and to each other

I invite you to join me in this effort:

  • If you haven’t read Good Things for a Full Life, pick up a copy.
  • If you already have the book, revisit the chapters or “good questions” that resonated with you.
  • Create an IDP to focus your efforts this year.
  • Find a buddy who can challenge you to reach your own goals.

… and let me know what else we can do to help you be bold in 2014!


Here’s a good question …

Have you considered what you want your life to be full of? The legacy you want to create? What will you do in 2014 to boldly live in alignment with your legacy? Let’s have a conversation. Please share your thoughts in the comments below.


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  1. My definition of FULL LIFE is still in process, but I am closer to completing it then I was a year ago. This has been done via thoughtful reflection and tackling the not so positive self talk and doubt. I have committed to live on purpose in 2014 – make sure each day is filled with some joy (taking time to savor a cup of tea, buying flowers for myself, laughing more, gazing out the window to day dream)and not being afraid to say ‘No’ to those things that drain me and/or don’t fit my purpose. I’m cleaning out ‘worry’ and making room for ‘wonderful’!!

    • Stephanie, I love the intention to live on purpose.

  2. I like what you are doing here as both a business development strategy, but also towards a noble mission

    glad to be a little part of it


  3. A full life–my encore career has begun with an eye towards my passions of mentoring and coaching women and girls through times of change and helping support economic growth and stability in Tennessee. I have returned to school in one of two master’s of civic leadership programs in the country and I am assisting the YWCA of Nashville and a great group of volunteers restart Dress for Success in Nashville. All supporting my full life. Change is good!

    • Patti, what an exciting year 2014 will be for you.

  4. For the past few years, I have been sowing many seeds, and in the spirit of adventure, have delighted in all the new things that have come my way. An overcrowded garden is not a healthy garden long term, though. This year for me will be about weeding – clearing out space to allow those things that mean the most to me and fit my vision to grow.

    • Pegpgy, this gardener loves your analogy! You’ve inspired me to do some weeding of my own.

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