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Practice self-care

An excerpt from this chapter of Good Things for a Full Life:

Most of us take great care of our valuable belongings.We keep our cars fueled and tuned.We change furnace filters and have ducts cleaned.We properly store lawn mowers and snow blowers.We’ve invested money in all this equipment, and we want it to work effectively when we need it. We care for our assets.


Just as we care for the equipment in our lives, we must care for our bodies. Consider your body the engine for the full life you hope to lead, and then care for and maintain that engine so it packs the power you need, when you need it:

  • Eat food that is healthy fuel for your body.
  • Utilize sleep to restore and replenish your resources.
  • Instead of thinking of exercise as a chore, view it as required maintenance.
  • Take advantage of regular doctor visits. Consider them tune-ups.

Take good care of your most precious asset, so it will work effectively when you need it.

Good Questions

  1. How do you practice self-care for the engine that is your body?
  2. How do you sabotage your health? Why do you do that?
  3. How can you incorporate self-care into your weekly routine? What do you need to stop doing? What do you need to start doing?

What do you think?

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