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Strive for a full life, not balance

Excerpts from this chapter of Good things for a Full Life:

… Consider what you want your life to be full of. Work? Family? Friends? Exercise? School? Volunteer activities? Travel? Something else? Make a list. Then, look at the list again. Is there anything you’ve forgotten? Is there something you love to do, but haven’t had time for in awhile? Add it to your list.


Don’t be content with a list that is heavily focused on just one item. Just as a financial advisor recommends diversifying investments to mitigate risk, you should diversify your activities to avoid investing too much in one area of your life. If you over-invest in one area, a loss there will hit you harder than if you have a more balanced “portfolio.”


By choosing how to spend your time and energy, you will feel a greater sense of control over your life, experience more satisfaction, and be less reactive to the whims of others.You will be better prepared to weather the ups and downs of life.Your energy and satisfaction will not be tucked into an isolated pocket of work, home, or family, but shared across your full life.

Good Questions

  1. What do you want your life to be full of? Why those things?
  2. Are those things present in your life now? Why or why not?
  3. What can you do to incorporate more elements of your full life now?

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