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Have you ever wondered why people act the way they do? Why some people are easy to communicate with and others more difficult? In an increasingly competitive and virtual marketplace, it’s imperative to quickly determine how best to work with others. Using the DiSC style assessment, you’ll learn about four different styles of communication, enabling you to communicate more effectively with colleagues and clients for greater productivity and a positive work environment.

  • Gain an understanding of four basic styles of communication and how to pick up subtle cues that point to others’ styles
  • Learn how to leverage your own style and adapt your communication so others are able to hear you and understand what you need to have done
  • Build a plan for appreciating and leveraging style to enhance one to two working relationships

Participants will be required to take the online DiSC assessment as prework. 

Three hours


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  1. Happy Birthday Deb!! You are someone worth celebrating today and all the year through. You are an inspiration to more folks than you know.
    Cheers to a another year of Good Things.

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