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Drawing from the book, Good Things for A Full Life, this three-part series guides individuals through exercises and reflection to create foundation, focus, and fortitude for their lives. You’ll determine what’s important to you and create a plan to live with intention and integrity.  This series requires a personal commitment to growth, openness to feedback and new ideas, and completion of all preiwork and action assignments.


  • Read Good Things for a Full Life, or at least chapter 1
  • Complete DiSC assessment
  • Complete Strengthfinders 2.0

Workshop 1: Name It! 

  • Define your legacy
  • Identify what you need in your full life

Workshop 2: Frame it!

  • Identify resources to create your full life
  • Identify obstacles that could limit your full life

Workshop 3: Claim it!

  • Create your plan (IDP – strategic focus, goals and action steps)
  • Work your plan this year (milestones and accountabilities)
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